I have treated quite a few women that have suffered from endometriosis. I have seen very good and relatively quick results for this condition. Many times woman come in, in conjunction with wanting help with infertility. Chinese medicine it quite successful at not only eliminating the symptoms that accompany endometriosis, but dealing with the root imbalance that is causing the endometriosis. Fundamentally endometriosis, as with fibroids or cysts, is caused from some sort of stagnation in the body. This cause can be from emotions, diet, lifestyle, or some genetic metabolic or organ weakness / dysfunction. It usually has been going on for some time and although it takes time reverse this progression, notable symptom relief can be seen quickly. Once the body starts reversing this process, woman will become for fertile, and have less symptoms. Most importantly they can avoid some of the more aggressive Western therapies that can many times cause more problems down the road, as well as not take care of the root imbalance that has caused the problem in the first place.

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