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Jason has been one the most sought after alternative healthcare practitioners in Boulder, Colorado. Now, he is able to connect and help those seeking his work anywhere in the world with a live private video or phone consultation. This opens the door for many!” -Kristen (Boulder, Co) five-star


Chinese Herbal Medicine

  • Custom Formulations from very experienced practitioner that can explain things to you
  • We can ship to you

Functional Medicine

  • Supplements – We can ship to you.
  • Lab work (alternative and mainstream) – We can order tests for you in most major cities

Transformational Guidance / Coaching

  • Understand how your beliefs/thoughts are shaping your reality and directly relate to your physical symptoms and how to transform them.
  • Diet & Lifestyle (meditation, sleep, etc.)

A few years back I suffered a notable energetic decay. I felt a strenuous fatigue, I had digestive difficulties, somnolence during the day and at night I suffered of insomnia. Because of this somnolence I put myself and my family in danger a few times while driving a car in the highway. After these incidents I decided to seek medical help, consequently, I went to various doctors of Chinese medicine in Chicago. However, their treatments were ineffective and even they worsened my state of health. I kept my quest for a doctor in Chinese medicine, basing my search on a physician that was also a researcher. According to that criteria I came across Jason Blalack’s profile and upon reading his cases analysis I was impressed by his ability of diagnosis and the respect he earned from other doctors that have participated in these analysis. Jason Blalack was accurate in his diagnosis and treatment. After a few days I returned to my country Ecuador and he continued giving me treatment indications despite the distance. The result of his treatment was excellent. Jason Blalack is someone who cares about the patient and his wellbeing and will keep offering his generous help. Gabriela Vintimillafive-star(google) 2014


Initial Consultation (60 min): $150
Follow-up Consultation (30 min): $100
Follow-up Consultation (15 min): $60
Wellness Package (5 visits): $450
(1 initial (60 min) and 4 follow-ups (30 min) (save $100)


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