Integrative & Functional Medicine resource (articles, research etc.) and discussion group.

Here you can find the functional medicine online discussion group for Functional Medicine / Integrative Medicine

The online group’s mission statement is as follows:

This group is set up to explore the ever advancing field of Integrative & Functional Medicine. This group is restricted to health-care professionals and students enrolled in formal programs. Topics include clinical practice, research, lab tests, evaluation of supplements, pharmacology, education, and the integration of western medicine, functional medicine, and Chinese medicine.

Articles in this section will be divided into the following categories:

  • Disease / Theory / Discussion
  • Research – There is some overlap between this section and the supplement section, so feel free to check both if you are not finding what you are looking for.
  • Supplement Information and Discussion – Although this section mostly presents information that comes from companies that sell products, they usually present clinically useful research and data. I find it useful to view literature from multiple sources to try to obtain a somewhat truthful full-spectrum view. I welcome any contradictory information that one comes across and will be happy to post it. This may be from journal articles, companies selling products, or just personal essays based on, for example, clinical experience or literary reviews. I will be adding to this section on an ongoing basis, so feel free to check back soon. Also included is information to help evaluate the quality of supplements.

If there is an article, link, or just a website that you find valuable please let me know and I will post it. Your contributions are much appreciated.

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